Wrap Mini Skirts and Yellow Shirts: Summer Trends

There is nothing like the shift from winter to summer to make my outlook on fashion (and life) change. While traditionally I cling to dark layers of leather and denim, my newfound sunny disposition has drawn me toward short skirts and the color…yellow. Yellow is the one color I usually refuse to wear and this summer, I can’t get enough. It’s weird. So today, I’m going to highlight two of my favorite summer trends: wrap mini skirts and you guessed it, the color yellow.

Wrap mini skirt and yellow summer trend 2017
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Either I’m so deprived of sun that I am literally attracted to the color closest to sunlight or yellow is chic. I honestly think it’s a little of both. Regardless, I’m obsessed with yellow this season. And as the people close to me know, it’s not as simple as being obsessed with one color…it’s being obsessed with a specific color that has somehow entered my brain and may or may not be real. A few years ago it was “deep camel.” You know that rich, Kim K $5,000 Max Mara coat color…yeah, that. My sister always got a laugh about the unachievable “deep camel” I was trying to find.

Who What Wear collection for target yellow floral blouse fashion blogger

Anyway, this year I’m lusting for a luxurious marigold hue. In my endless search for the “luxurious marigold” color, I stumbled upon this floral Who What Wear blouse at Target and fell in love. I also fell in love with the price $24.99! This blouse is the first yellow I’ve worn in years and while my perfect “luxurious marigold” is still out there, this comes pretty damn close.

yellow summer fashion trend 2017 runway

Wrap mini skirt and yellow summer fashion trend 2017 seattle blogger

Now onto, summer trend #2: the wrap mini skirt. This piece is so versatile, you need it in your summer wardrobe. Wrap mini skirts come in so many fabric types and patterns. They can easily be paired with a graphic tee or a button up blouse to suit any occasion or mood. I loved the neutral gray stripes on this skirt because it’s easy to match and mix with other patterns.

White and gray striped wrap tie mini skirt

Wrap mini skirt fashion trend fashion bloggers

What I specifically like about a wrap mini skirt is the extra length the asymmetrical wrap gives you. I really don’t like wearing clothing that is too short, which is usually my hesitation with mini skirts in general. But the wrap style gives you a couple extra inches of length to protect against any hot mess moments.

Seattle Fashion Blogger Bailey Chauner

If you asked me a year ago I would bet good money that I wouldn’t be blogging about mini skirts and the color yellow as my favorite summer trends. But that’s what I love about fashion. It’s unpredictable and often has no logic – in the best way.  

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I love these wrap mini skirts

Now for some of my favorite yellow pieces

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