How to Wear Street Style Trends at Work

Sometimes it feels like I have two sides of my closet – the one I wear to work and the one I wear on the weekend.  The work side has endless blouses and jeans without holes. The other side has sneakers, graphic tees, and distressed denim. Then they meet in the middle… Well, I’m here to blur that line a little. Today, I’m discussing how to wear street style trends at work!

How to Wear Street Style Trends at Work
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Gray trousers with white track pant stripe

Get street style inspired pieces

The best way to start integrating street style into your work wardrobe is to find street style inspired pieces. I instantly fell in love with these grey trousers from Zara because they reminded me of a pair of track pants. The stripe down the side of the leg gives an athletic, track pant look while still maintaining the structure and professionalism of trousers. Also, they’re under $40….sooo…had to buy them.

Street style work outfits fashion blogger seattle

Keep it conservative

Maybe it doesn’t need to be said but, when dressing for work keep your trendy clothes conservative.  Too many holes in your jeans, a slight mid-drift, or a skirt that is a teeny bit short can discredit your professionalism at work.

How to wear street style trends at work, rock band tee

Structure = Everything

Structure is everything people! The shape and fit of your clothing speaks louder than any print, ruffle, or color. When wearing street style pieces in a work outfit, make sure they are fitted or paired with something fitted.  I love the outfits in the picture below make a bomber jacket, sneakers, and joggers look so profesh!

Fashionable street style outfits for work

Gray trousers with track pant stripe, street style work outfit

Pair with traditional pieces

Balance your street style clothes with traditional pieces like a black blazer, close toe pumps, or a tote bag. One of my favorite combos is a graphic tee and blazer! Honestly, I’m a total poser and have listened to Metallica only a handful of times 🙈 haha…but I loved the graphic design and the “rocker” look.

Light pink Metallica rocker tee women's

Watch the shoes

Let your shoes be the focal point of your street style look or opt for a classic shoe. A white sneaker would completely change the look and feel of this outfit making it more fit for a Saturday than a Tuesday. If you’re rocking sneakers, let those stand out and wear some professional pieces so your outfit falls in somewhere in the middle.

Foley and Corinna Double Compartment Satchel
This is my favorite bag and it’s on sale for $94 down from $158!

Street style outfits fow work women, work outfit ideas

Do you have any other recommendations for wearing street style trends at work? Comment below!

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