25 Hot Mess Hacks from Seattle Fashion Bloggers

A “Hot Mess Hack” can be defined as any tip, trick, or shortcut to make the life of a hot mess easier and more glamorous. A few weeks ago, I introduced one of my Hot Mess Hacks – how to apply makeup without brushes. This week, you get to hear from 25 Seattle fashion and beauty bloggers about their Hot Mess Hacks that keep them looking fabulous and being the ultimate girl bosses.


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I HATE when I’m in a hurry and get to work before realizing I have deodorant all over my shirt! One tip I’ve picked up from the stylists I work with is to rub a DRY Mr. Clean magic eraser in quick, vigorous motions across the affected area. No water, no mess, and your clothes will look perfect in no time! I like to cut off a small strip and keep it in my make up bag or purse so I have it wherever I go!  Note: make sure you test delicate fabrics before using! www.instagram.com/the.girlish.tomboy/


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I use my bronzer and blush for eyeshadow! Often times I just don’t have enough time to spend twenty minutes contouring my eyes with a palette of 20 different eye colors so I just dip into my bronzer and blush. Bronzer is perfect for a nude/natural eye and depending on the one I use that day, it can also have a bit of shimmer. If I ever want a pop of color I trade in the bronzer for blushwww.morganlillian.com


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If you’re a girl on the go and want somewhat of a natural glow, this beauty hack is for you.  My secret to an everyday natural glow is that I apply my Benefit Watt’s Uphighlighter stick ($30) underneath my foundation. I apply it along my cheek bones and down the center/bridge of my nose. After I rub and blend it in with my fingers, I apply my foundation. Whether or not I apply bronzer after my foundation, I know my cheeks are always somewhat naturally glowing afterwards. www.emmasedition.com


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You know those little disposable mascara wands that you can find at the makeup counter? They have tons of uses! You can use them to exfoliate your lips, apply lip balm to your lips and gently massage your lips with one. You can also use them to remove makeup stains on resilient fabrics such as denim with a drop makeup remover on the stain and then using the mascara wand to “scrub” out the stain. Lastly, keep one in your purse to tame pesky fly-aways with the help of a spritz of hairspray. www.PrettyInPigment.com

Kirstyfashion hack tie as belt

It could be my love of Annie Hall, but my fashion hack is wearing men’s neck ties as a belt.  It’s cost-saving, efficient and super savvy.  I can not take credit for this fashion hack, I am merely a copy cat inspired by a recent fashion show I attended. But this hack will finish off your look and it will keep your pants up.  Fashion and function.  http://luciakjewelry.blogspot.com/


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As a frequent user of matte lip stains that tend to be drying, I have to apply a lip moisturizer very often to keep my lips hydrated. Over the years, I have found it useful to exfoliate your lips at least two times a week with a DIY scrub by mixing olive oil, honey and brown sugar. It does wonders for your lips! www.amromenor.com


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Getting ready in the morning is something no one ever has a ton of time for, especially when it comes to makeup!  A quick hack I like to use is applying a thicker, waxy brow pencil in brown on my upper lid! Brow pencils tend to be much softer, and blend more easily, so these are great to run a quick swipe of color, and then smudge out with a brush or q-tip, or your finger. www.nehabeauty.com


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A fashion hack that I use everyday, is keeping a smaller pouch filled with all of my on-the-go essentials (lipstick, card case, sunscreen, snacks, etc).  This makes swapping handbags a snap because I’m simply transferring the pouch, my wallet and sunglass case. www.jenniferlovin.com


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If something I just have to wear has a few wrinkles and I’m running short on time or is too delicate to iron, I “shower steam” it! I hang the item of clothing in the bathroom while I shower and let the steam of the shower permeate the clothing much like a garment steamer. www.thestoryofmydress.com


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My shortcut for getting ready quick in the morning is using a multipurpose foundation or beauty/blemish (BB) cream. BB cream is a lightweight foundation that will moisturize, protect, and correct. Even better there is no need to use a moisturizer, primer, or foundation. It does it all! www.laceandpearlsblog.com


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My hot mess hack is to always lay out my outfit the night before!  If I’m stumped on what to wear, I look at Pinterest or Instagram and find an outfit to recreate.  I always feel better in the morning knowing my outfit is ready to go- that way I don’t end up wearing leggings or sweats! www.nineteenfashion.com


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My beauty hack is to use individual false lashes over strips. Some days it can be IMPOSSIBLE to get strip lashes perfectly glued to your lid, but with individuals all you need to do is add a drop of glue and you can set it in with your regular lashes. Plus individual lashes look a lot more natural and you only need a few to make your eyes POP!  www.themodernmosaic.com


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My (secret) hot-mess hack would have to be my clip-in hair extensions! I love how easy it is to go from short hair to long hair with them. All I do is straighten my hair, part my hair horizontally from ear to ear a couple times and clip them in to go from a shoulder length bob to long layered hair. See a full video here :) www.lifeofaani.com


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I use dry shampoo for just about everything, and especially when I’m running late with no time to style my hair. I use the Batiste Dry Shampoo for lifting my roots and even in place of sea salt spray! If you spray a bit at your ends and scrunch, you got a tousled hair look without the frizz in just seconds. www.instagram.com/truth__tea

Haley & Ashley

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One of our secret beauty weapons is coconut oil. With just one jar, you can seriously do so much. Use it as a face and body moisturizer, a hair mask, for oil pulling, or mix it with an eye shadow for a highlight/blush in a pinch. We fully believe every girl needs to have coconut oil handy.  www.simplydarlingduo.com


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Every fashion lover can’t have enough shoes! As much as we love our strappy sandals, sometimes it takes some time (and pain) to break them in. My hot mess fashion hack is to use moleskin in my shoes (especially brand new ones) to make them more comfortable. www.stylemissmolly.com


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Any time I make purchases online, I make sure to know what cash-back or other savings I can get through my credit card, discounts through my work or places like AAA or Costco. Ebates, Wiki Buy and Coupons at Checkout are browser extensions that will prompt you if a coupon code is available at checkout.  www.kelseythisyear.com



Headband curls
My Hot Mess Hack is definitely headband curls! I have no patience for doing my hair in the morning, but by using headband curls I can have natural looking waves that stick around for days and require little to no effort! It takes about five minutes to put my hair up in the headband after a shower, and it looks cute when it’s up and drying. The next day it takes like two minutes to take the headband out, and situate everything just the way you like it! www.kenzywho.com


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I’m a hot mess in the morning so a fashion hack I’ve established over the years is to create a fool proof outfit formula that gets me it the door in 5 minutes. For me, it’s a pair of skinny jeans, blouse, denim or moto jacket depending on the season, and a pair of flats. www.hellorigby.com


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Button downs are a staple in my androgynous and minimal style wardrobe. I love a good structured collar, which gives me freedom to play around and undo 1-3 buttons from the bottom up. This really quick and effortless Hot Mess Hack can add dimension and versatility to a traditional button down by elevating your look. www.brokeminimalist.com


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My go to beauty hack is using lipstick as blush when I forget my makeup or in the summer when it’s hot outside. Quite often, powder blushes fade quickly when its sweltering outside and the creamy consistency of the lipstick stays on longer. Just put a few dots of lipstick on your check bones and blend. Easy! www.nwbestdressed.com


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Sometimes the small rings that hold my statement jewelry together will come loose or completely go missing (particularly with large and heavy necklaces or bracelets). So, I use ornament hooks to fix it! The ornament hook is pliable enough that you can typically fix it with your hands (no tools needed). It’s cheap, quick, and ornament hooks are available in both gold and silver! I’ve also used floss in a pinch if I’m at work. www.allthingskate.com


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If you are someone who devotedly has to have their nails painted all the time (like me), go out and buy your own gel nail polish kit. The gel last for two weeks, no chipping, saves money, and it helps grow your natural nails very long! www.jordenjakobs.com


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I keep a small E.L.F. Baked Highlighter in my purse and car at all times. There’s no easier way to spruce up your whole face for $4. By using your finger to apply, you can use it on your lids as an eyeshadow, lips for a glowy look under gloss, and of course to freshen up your face by highlighting your cheekbones. www.bresheppard.com


Fashion and beauty tips and tricks

I swear as a mom, my life is a hack!  I’m constantly trying to find shortcuts to make everything a little easier.  On most days, I’m running out the door, with barely a gloss on, let alone full makeup.  Insert my hot mess fashion hack – sunnies!  They are the perfect cover-up for a bare face day and there’s always a pair in my car!  I can pick the kids up from school, take them to the park…and no one knows really how much of a hotmess I am! www.obsessedbyportia.com

What’s your favorite Hot Mess Hack? Do you have any a fashion hack or beauty hack you swear by? Comment below!

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