Revitalize Your Work Wardrobe with One Item

January is coming to an end and I’m getting a little tired of winter fashion. Not as much what I wear on the weekends, but what I wear to work. I’ve been repeating the same set of sweaters and swapping different booties since late October and well, it’s getting boring.  As we move closer to spring, I’m hesitant to invest in a bunch of work clothes I will only wear through March. Well I’ve found a loophole…printed pants! Today, I’m sharing with you why patterned pants will bring your wardrobe back to life and how to wear them.

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1. Find the right cut for you

The first step in finding the best pair of printed pants for you is to make sure they fit. Try on your denim, culottes, and trousers at home to figure out which styles look best on you. Then try an mimic that style when looking for a printed pant. For me, I wanted a looser more professional look so a boot cut trouser was perfect. When in doubt, a boot cut trouser is universally flattering.

2. Find the right pattern for you

Honestly, the thought of wearing patterned pants has made me nervous in the past. Imagining some neon colored peony print stretched across my butt is not exciting to me at all. But don’t let that scare you! Finding the right pattern for your body is all about trying on lots of pairs. When  in doubt, choose a pattern that is not super tiny but also not oversized. Finally, taking a photo of yourself in the pants can give you a new perspective to how they will look.

I love these bloggers’ pants!

Work outfit ideas for women

3. Styling is easy

The great thing about wearing printed pants is the rest of your outfit can be simple. I wanted these floral pants to be the focal point of my outfit so I chose a simple black turtleneck and black pumps to complete the look. When in doubt, a solid color will always compliment your printed pants. If you’re feeling bold, try subtle print mixing like this.

4. Transitions well into spring

In Seattle, pants can be worn to the office all year long. Especially if you have good AC! Transitioning pairing your pant with a turtleneck to a tank top is super easy and will give your closet longevity through the seasons.

Shop the look! Printed pants and turtleneck are on sale :)

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Other places to find patterned pants for women is ASOS, Banana Republic,  Nordstrom, H&M, REVOLVE, and Target.

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