How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Last All Year

There are some people who refuse to make New Year’s Resolutions. I have always been on the fence about them since mine were the typical go to the gym more, read more, raise my GPA. Blah. In the last few years, I’ve began to embrace the new year as a a fresh start to refocus and set new goals…aka..New Year’s Resolutions. But they’re so hard to stick to! Sometimes. Today, I’m sharing tips for how to make New Year’s Resolutions last all year.

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Specify Your Focus

Each of our lives are combined of different parts- our mind, body, soul, work, side hustles, familes, friends, relationships, hobbies…it’s a lot. So before you try and make one resolution to improve every aspect of your life or 10 tiny resolutions, try narrowing your focus. For me in 2018, I want to focus on two things: being more mindful by journaling once a week and creating a monthly organized content calendar for blogging.

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Make your New Year’s Resolutions measurable

Instead of saying ‘go to the gym more’ or ‘get more sleep,’ assign a measurement to your resolution. Change your goal to ‘go the gym three times a week’ or ‘go to sleep at 10pm four days a week.’ That way, you can easily track your success and if you need to adjust your goal.

How to Make New Year's Resolutions Last All Year

It doesn’t have to last a year!

It’s insanely daunting to make a goal that you have to keep up with for a year. It’s a lot to handle and a little scary. Instead, make your resolution for three months and then at the end of March, reevaluate if you achieved your resolution, need to adjust it, or will continue.

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Post your resolutions and keep track of them

I am a firm believer that posting your resolutions where you see them everyday makes them easier to achieve and harder to forget. Keep track on your phone, computer, or calendar when you’ve achieved your measurable resolution :) Then later in the year, you can look back and see if you hit your goal.

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Celebrate the wins and accept the failures

Changing your lifestyle and achieving goals is hard. No doubt about that. Keep yourself accountable but don’t be too hard on yourself. Life changes and sometimes you just can’t make that damn Orange Theory class (*cough* me *cough*) so don’t beat yourself up. Celebrate your wins, accept your failures, adjust as needed and as always…love yourself!

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