How to Wear Sneakers to Work and Look Professional

I’ve always been the type of person to commute to work in sneakers and then change into flats or heeled booties once I got to the office. After hours of wearing heels and shoes without support, I had back and foot pain and realized I had to wear more comfortable shoes. And what are more comfortable than sneakers?! But could I pull that off without looking like I was a) going to the gym or b) pulling a “Casual Friday” on any day but Friday? The answer is yes! Today, I’m defying heels and all painful shoes and sharing how to wear sneakers to work and look professional.

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1. Pair with well fitting trousers and jumpsuits

The easiest way to make your sneakers look professional is to pair them with clean, crisp trousers or a jumpsuit. Make sure your pants fit well and don’t give off a sloppy, baggy look or look like supertight leggings.

2. Avoid Jeans with Holes and Athleisure

Sneakers will instantly look super casual if paired with distressed denim or other athleisure pieces. If you want to pull of sneaks in the office, you’ll have to compromise and leave your leggings, hoodies, and torn jeans at home.

3. Make sure your sneakers are clean

Girl, your sneakers better be fresh and clean for the office! I was introduced to a brand called Crep that has the best  Shoe Cleaning Kit. I highly recommend the $20 investment that includes specialized shoe wipes, cleaning solution, and a brush.

4. Add a structured jacket or blazer

A structured bomber jacket, leather jacket, or blazer will instantly offset the casual nature of your sneakers…plus you will look amazingly cool and chic at the same time. Throw on a tshirt, some black jeans, a blazer, your sneaks and you’re good to go!

5. Experiment with a pencil or pleated skirt

love a good skirt and sneaker combo. This one is a little trickier to master, but you can do it! I find that in order to pair sneakers and a skirt at the office, the skirt needs to be at least knee length and balanced with some other casual pieces. Wearing sneakers with a pencil skirt suit is tough to pull off so, opt for more casual items for balance.

6. Look for fashion and lifestyle sneakers

I am not about to try and make the shoes I wear to the gym stylish. Typically, you’re better off sporting a pair of sneakers that fall under the “fashion” or “lifestyle” category that typically have a stylish appearance and less fitness function. For example, my Adidas Superstars look much cuter with a skirt than my athletic running shoes.

Who is ready to defy uncomfortable shoes and wear sneakers to work? Comment your styling tips below!

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