Peace, Love, and How to Style Over the Knee Boots

Each morning I leave my apartment freezing cold.  By the time I get off work, I’ve shoved my jacket, scarf, and umbrella into my bag because I’m so freaking hot.  Just when I was going to pack away my short dresses and skirts until summer, I tried on a pair of over the knee boots.  Let’s just say they’re a game changer.  I was doubtful at first, but today I’m sharing my best tips for how to style over the knee boots this fall.

Peace sign graphic sweatshirt and mini skirt
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I never thought I’d wear over the knee boots. Seriously, I swore them off. I saw photos of Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid prancing around NYC with their skyhigh legs and skyhigh boots and thought…yeah, my 5′ 3” frame and athletic legs could never pull that off.  Turns out I was wrong. Yeah, it happens sometimes ;)  So here’s some tips to utilize OTK boots to transition your look into fall.

Knee high boots for petite women, Seattle fashion blogger

Get the right width and height

The key rocking an over the knee boot is getting the correct height and width. Thankfully, OTK boots are designed in petite, wide calf, tall, and plus size variations so that any woman can find her perfect fit. For me, my main concern was finding a boot that didn’t extend too far over the knee. I tried on a lot until I found the Dolce Vita Neely boot at Nordstrom Rack that hit above the knee, fit snug, and had a little stretch.

Seattle fashion blogger Bailey Chauner

A heel is changes everything

Any over the knee boot is a statement. Adding a heel can take your boot from trendy to sexy…fast. I chose a flat style because I wanted to wanted to tone down the boots to wear more casually. If you’re looking for a dressier look, then a heel might be right for you. A  heel will ultimately set the tone for how you style your over the knee boots.

Knee high black suede boots, Dolce Vita Neely boot

Try on a lot of pairs!

Finding the perfect over the knee boot is hard. Don’t settle for one that is only okay. Take your time to find the boot that best fits both your feet and your legs.

Trendy Graphic sweatshirts for women

Utilize over the knee boots to stay extra warm

OTK boots are so warm! They allow you to wear dresses and skirts while keeping your legs warm in the morning and not being overheated in the afternoon. To stay warm, I paired a checkered mini skirt with this Jonathan Saint Peace Pullover which is basically a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt and OTK boots were all I needed to keep warm and not overheat during the day.

how to style over the knee boots for petite women

Keep an eye on your proportions

Ensure your outfit and your body is fully justified by keeping your outfit in proportion. As a petite woman, this means making sure my body isn’t swallowed by a giant sweater that  makes me look like I’m not wearing pants. Or, that my outfit isn’t so tight it looks like I’m Scarlett Johansen in The Avengers. Experiment, snap some mirror pics and see what looks best on you.

How to style over the knee boots
Here are some of my favorite looks!

Knee high boots for petite women with Coach Saddle Bag 23

Get some knee high socks

It’s super common that your OTK boots will need a little extra help staying up on your leg when you’re not wearing pants. Invest in some knee high socks to help them from sliding down your knee.

How to style over the knee boots fashion blogger

Give your boots some TLC

You just invested in the pair of perfect boots so be ready to protect them! Buying a water repllent spray for suede or leather will ensure your shoes will look better longer. Suede and leather cleaners are another good option too!

Seattle fashion blogger, Bailey Chauner

Do you have any tips about how to style over the knee boots? Comment below!

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