How to Build a Network of Girl Bosses Who Support You

 It’s been said that your success is often determined by the people you surround yourself with. Whatever success means to you, we can’t do it alone. I attribute a great deal of my success (and sanity) at work and while blogging to the incredible women in my life. Today, I’m posing alongside Emma Cortes (a total girl boss!) who works full time at Boeing, is in grad school at UW and blogs…yes she’s amazing! Growing your community and building relationships is imperative to your success and happiness so today, I’m sharing my tips for building a network of incredible girl bosses who will lift you up and support your growth.

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Reach out to your college alumni

After I moved from Montana to Seattle, I instantly reached out to other people who also graduated from the University of Montana. I searched and reached out to people over LinkedIn and asked professors and friends for people to contact when I moved to Seattle. Once I knew several UM grads, I was quickly introduced to more and they have become some of my best supporters and favorite people!

Connect with women you admire

Do you know someone who is just killing it? You look at them and think, how did they get there? Well, ask! Women admire other women who share their passion, drive, and want to learn. Plus, it’s hard to say no to someone who just told you how much they admire you ;) If you’re at an event, wait until the speaker and done and talk to them. Email someone at work that is crushing it. Reach out any way you can.

Go places where your version of a girl boss is

You’re not going to meet a girl boss sitting at home. So get out there and go somewhere you’re going to meet inspiring women. Whether it’s at adata science workshop, yoga studio, or a coworking space…get there and be prepared to talk to someone new.

Go to networking and meetup events

I used to dread going to networking events but I’ve learned it’s the easiest place to meet new people who are looking to meet new people. It’s great! Networking and talking to new people is so much less awkward or nerve wracking when everyone there is doing the same thing. I find my events on and Facebook   

Follow up, make plans, and keep them

If you meet someone you like and don’t follow up, it’s worthless. Be proactive and set a date, time, and place to meet. Then don’t cancel and show up on time.

Build mutually beneficial relationships

This may be the most important tip. Building relationships must be mutually beneficial! You might think, well what do I have to offer someone who is an expert in their field and I’m a total beginner. A lot. Simply being respectful of someone’s time, buying them a coffee, asking well researched questions, and not using them just for their connections is a great start!

Talk to people and ask questions

One of my favorite sayings is, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Well, you also don’t know who you don’t know. And you’re never going to know if you don’t speak up. Talk to the people around you at work, at a happy hour, seriously anywhere! It’s amazing the similarities and relationships that can form just from starting a simple conversation.

Stay in touch

Growing a community is about building relationships that last. So keep in touch! It’s not about reaching out when you need something. It’s an ongoing relationship that is about continually building each other up and helping each other succeed.

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  1. Great tips Bailey! I really appreciate your positive energy and I find this post very encouraging. “You don’t know what you don’t know” is something that I always say as well! Communication, research, and connections are so important and I am thankful that you just reminded me of that!

  2. This is one of my favorite parts of the blogging world! So many inspiring, interesting women to come alongside you. You and Emma are both #ladybossgoals in my book! :-)

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