How I Find Balance Between Work, Blogging, and Life

Years ago, I wanted to be the person who could wake up at 5am and fill a full day working out, blogging, killing it at work, meeting friends for happy hour, volunteering, reading the news, cooking dinner, and all while wearing a great outfit. I loved the idea of “doing it all” and maximizing every possible second to be productive during the day. While I could pull off a few “superwoman” days here and there, it drained me.

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For a long time, I wondered why I couldn’t be 100% productive, 100% of the time. Honestly, it’s kind of laughable since no one can possibly do this but, it was something I really thought.  It wasn’t until the last few years that I realized I cannot do everything and that is okay. I’ve learned it’s all about knowing myself and finding balance. Still, easier said than done. So today I’m hoping to bridge that gap and dive into a few ways that I’ve been able to find balance and ultimately happiness between working, blogging, and living life….and hopefully you can too!

I understand who I am and what I need

For a long time, I didn’t understand what my mind and body really needed to function. I’d push myself to work longer, attend too many events, and post to social media when I didn’t feel like it. I’ve learned that in order to be my best self, I need time to relax. Sometimes, I’m envious of others who can always be “on” and always posting on Instagram stories. For me, I can’t always do that and I am okay with that because my relaxing, alone time makes me better at work, blogging, and in my relationships.

I block out time for myself

Know what makes you feel rejuvinated and make sure you have time for it. For me, that time might be getting my nails done, going shopping, taking a nap, or even cleaning my apartment. I always make sure on the weekends I have at least a few hours to really dedicate to my well being because I know it will pay off for me later in the week.

“Me time” usually includes getting ice cream

 I let others around me know how I operate

Finding balance in life is all about setting boundaries for yourself. And people who are close to you need to understand that to respect you. And also help you be the best you can be! My boyfriend knows better than anyone that if I’m not organized with a clean room before Monday morning, I get stressed and cranky.  So, he is always supportive of me going home on Sunday night to prep for the next day.

To the readers of my blog, know that I will never be the person who has an Instagram story for every moment of the day. Know that sometimes, I honestly just need a break to shut off my brain and watch The Office in my pajamas :)

I learned to say no

I lived for saying ‘yes!’ And I loved to make people happy. But the last couple years have taught me that saying ‘yes’ to everything often made me tired, less happy, and less excited to do the things I said yes to. Now, I only say “yes” when I know I can follow through with high quality work (blogging and work) or happiness (outside work).

I’ve become okay with not pleasing everyone

Part of my “superwoman” fantasy was doing everything and pleasing everyone. Now, it’s a fantasy I’m happy to let go of.  I’ve learned setting boundaries for myself means letting others down sometimes. I might have to decline an extra project at work or an event on a weekday that would make me tired the next day. I’m not going to say it’s easy to dissapoint other people. But, I know that saying ‘yes’ would affect my well being and the commitments I already have.

I’m learning to love myself more

I am who I am and I’m not who I’m not. And I love that.

I can be envious of the women who can fully function on 5 hours of sleep, but I can’t. And that’s okay, I love sleeping! I can dream of being the person who can be peppy all day long, but that’s not me. And that’s okay, because being quiet helps me listen more!

Finding balance is about loving and respecting yourself. After that, the rest falls into place.

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