The History of Hot Dress Hot Mess and Why I Blog

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “why do you blog?” After years of blogging, sometimes I have to pause and think about the answer. And really, the answer is not simple. It’s not, “because I like fashion.” I blog for many reasons and today I’m going to try and explain the background and purpose behind Hot Dress Hot Mess.

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…My blogging began in 2013 with Trendsetters at The U

Trendsetters at the U Group

While I was in my senior year of college at University of Montana in 2013, I desperately wanted to enter the fashion industry. In Missoula, I had trouble finding fashion experience to add to my resume other than working retail. Knowing other students felt the same way, I started a student group and fashion blog called Trendsetters at The U.  My motivation behind Trendsetters at the U was to give students the opportunity to gain fashion experience in the form of blogging, photography, marketing, web design, and social media management. (You can see my first post here :D ) After graduating college, I left Trendsetters at The U to the students but still craved to continue blogging.

…It was time to Get Real


I am going to be extremely blunt with you and maybe you’ll agree with me or you can call me crazy. Initially, I didn’t want to start a fashion blog because I couldn’t imagine an entire website revolving around myself. I felt like the fashion blogs I came across were self focused, unrealistic, and left me feeling like I could never look like that or be like that. I didn’t want to create a blog where someone would feel like they were inadequate or couldn’t relate. I wanted to start a blog that represented fashion and my lifestyle in a relatable way.

… Hot Dress Hot Mess was born

Seattle fashion blogger
One of my first photos taken in Montana

My mom, sister, and I were sitting in a cafe in Montana (my home state) trying to think of what to call my blog that captured my imperfect, fashion driven life. The phrase “Hot Dress Hot Mess” was thrown out by sister and that instantly became the name of my blog. Hot Dress Hot Mess perfectly embraced every aspect of my life that was fashion obsessed and a little messy at times.

…Let’s Expose the Truth

Seattle Fashion Blogger

I chose to blog through Hot Dress Hot Mess because I saw an opportunity in the fashion blogging market for a blogger who embraced humor, showed imperfections, and used fashion as a platform also discuss the realities of life – self acceptance, confidence, and even those gross things like sweaty feet. I decided that I would be that person. And that’s why I blog and continue to blog.

…We’re all a little “hot mess” and a little “hot dress”

Fashion Blogger Bloopers

The main reason why I blog is to use fashion as a platform inspire others to love themselves for all parts of who they are. Fashion is more than how we look but really how we feel about ourselves and how that can positively impact our lives. Beyond that, Hot Dress Hot Mess is about learning that our best moments aren’t always when we look perfect and learning to embrace the awkward, often funny times when we are a total hot mess (I am still learning too!). Everyone is made out of “hot dress” and “hot mess” moments and we should be proud of both!

History of Hot Dress Hot Mess Seattle Fashion Blogger

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4 thoughts on “The History of Hot Dress Hot Mess and Why I Blog

  1. Bailey —

    You inspire me daily with your drive. I love that you shared this and I also love that you asked for feedback.

    Here are some things I’d love to see you approach or work on if any connected with you:

    1) some video incorporated with photos telling a story
    2) I’d like to know other bloggers that have inspired you by being authentic
    3) I’d like to see other shapes/sizes of women represented
    4) I’d like your viewers know what a kind and supportive young lad you are. You don’t talk negative about other bloggers or women. I ‘d like them to see your personality more. Like how you are also such a thoughtful friend and person who always thinks of others.

    Thats what comes to mind!

    Keep on creating XO

  2. Bailey

    Love your authenticity. Sharing your heart and your smile is what draws me to your blog.

    Congrats on your success. Don’t stop sharing!

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