My Favorite Free Resources and Apps for Fashion Bloggers

A full time job and blogging side hustle doesn’t happen without some help. And I am nothing without the multitude of different resources and apps I use to stay organized, create content, and learn more about blogging.  Enjoy 14 of my favorite free resources, tools, and apps for fashion bloggers, social media marketers, content creators, photographers and so many more!

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1ProBlogger Site + Podcast: An amazing resource for all things blog related! Seriously…everything!

2. Influencer Podcast: Perfect for anyone trying to build influence or trying to understand the influencer space better.

3. Fohr Card: An influencer network that gives valuable blogging tips and advice. It also can verify your Instagram following as authentic and create a media kit for you.

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4. BloguettesBloguettes is all about mastering blogging, branding, marketing, social media, and life in general!

5. Create and Cultivate:The ultimate creative inspiration and a blog full of boss babes, blogging tips, career advice, and life insight.

6Social Blade: This free tool helps you track your growth over time on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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7. Canva: The best and easiest tool for designing custom Instagram stories, invoices, media kits..seriously anything! It’s amazing!

8. Adobe Photoshop Fix App: One of my favorite photo editing apps that gives you basic editing functionality and also advanced features like a clone stamp and paint brush to add or remove saturation or light.

9. Preview: My favorite app for planning my Instagram feed. You can drag, drop and rearrange your grid.

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Best free resources and tools for fashion bloggers

10Photopea: The best free online photo editor thats as close to Adobe Photoshop as you can get without paying anything!

11. Bloglovin’: The ultimate platform for following your favorite blogs and websites! It’s super organized, easy to search, and provides great insight to bloggers.

12Neil Patel: I love Neil Patel! His website always has new information about content marketing, SEO, social media, and growing your web traffic.

Resources and tools for fashion bloggers

13Google Analytics: If you own a website, you need to utilize Google Analytics! Track your analytics to make insightful decisions about your website’s layout and the content you create.

14Pinterest: It’s a classic, but I still love it! I use it for outfit inspiration and also finding blogging tips.

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What are your favorite blogging and social media tools, apps, and resources? Comment below!

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  1. This was insanely helpful. As a marketer by-day and a fly on the wall of influencer strategy by night (not looking to get my feet wet but love to learn) this is EXACTLY what I was looking for and I didn’t even know it. Thanks!

  2. Thank you SO much for posting this! I’ve been wanting to start a fashion blog for a long time and I finally dived in a few weeks ago. As a new blogger, this article was amazingly helpful and I’ve already started utilizing some of these resources. Thanks for posting such helpful content!

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