How to Feel Confident Without Spending Money

If you’re anything like me, feeling confident doesn’t happen everyday. Maybe you made a mistake at work, someone asked you why you are still single, or you’re spiraling into the never ending question – what am I not like her? Nevertheless, everyone deals with this shit…and it sucks. It leaves us feeling like we are not enough and our confidence is shot.

When I feel like this, my first inclination is to buy something to make me feel or look better. Clothes, makeup, a haircut, comfort food, getting my nails done…seriously I can take “Treat Yo’ Self” to a dangerous level. And while there’s nothing wrong with a little retail therapy, it never really solves my problem. So this week, I’m diving deeper into how to feel confident without spending money.

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1. Write down what you’re good at and what you love about yourself

I swear to you my mom made me do stuff like this all the time. When I was growing up, I thought it was silly. But now, I understand the power of introspection and positive thinking. The more you focus on your strengths and what you love about yourself, the more confidence you will feel.

How to Feel Confident Without Spending Money

2. Write down what triggered you to feel unconfident and why

Yeah, my mom is patting herself on the back reading this right now. But, she was right. Sometimes we (maybe just me) really blow the situation out of proportion about why we are feeling down.  Yes, I said something stupid at work that made me feel dumb and lose some of my confidence. But after writing the scenario down, I realize that I’m overreacting.

3. Talk to someone who knows and loves you

If it’s your mom, that fine :) We all know now that mine has way more wisdom than I do haha! Talk to someone who knows you and cares about you to give you some perspective about the reality of why you’re feeling down.

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4. Listen to an inspiring podcast

You already know I love podcasts. I’ve found listening to an inspiring podcast almost always makes me feel more confident, hopeful, and enthusiastic. My favorites are Ted Radio Hour and Boss Files with Poppy Harlow. You can see all my faves here.

5. Accomplish an achievable goal

Nothing boosts confidence like accomplishment. Set a small, realistic goal for yourself and accomplish it! Run an extra mile, read for an hour, deep clean your room…anything that stretches you a little bit.

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6. Do something you’re good at

And no I don’t mean shopping! If you kill it at tennis, running, cooking, painting, or even organizing…go do it!

7. Sleep it off

I live by the mantra that naps solve everything. And while that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, I do believe that adequate sleep is crucial for clear judgement and emotional stability. When you feel insecure, try giving your mind a rest and sleep.

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8. Talk nicely to yourself

When we are feeling insecure, we tend not to be very nice to ourselves. Our thoughts are soured with, “why can’t I be like that, I’m so stupid, or I’ll never be good enough.”  Two words for you – stop it.  The world is tough enough, be nice to yourself.

9. Love who you are

Boom with the cheesy line! Seriously though, love yourself. You are beautiful and unique and no one can ever replicate who you are.  Treat yourself with love, respect, and grace because you deserve it. And no one should know that better than you.

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What tips do you have for how to feel confident without spending money? Comment below!

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