Hot Dress Hot Mess Bloopers

For the most part, you see photos of me looking far from a hot mess. Yeah, you’ll get the occasional Instagram story where I have a face mask on or some major bed head. But usually, my photos are pretty picture perfect.  As a blogger, the legitimacy of my blog usually surrounds pretty photos but sometimes it makes me question how “real” I portray myself.  And Hot Dress Hot Mess is all about loving yourself when you look great and when you’re a total mess. In an effort to show you the other side of all the pretty pictures, here are some of my best fashion blogger bloopers!

Because no one initially looks cute trying to blow glitter.

Will you buy Laura Mericer now?

Does it get any more real than this?

Turtlenecks don’t always hide a double chin haha.

This one kills me 😂

I call this one, “durp de dur”

No jumping photo is captured perfectly on the first try.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a different side to my photos! Email me at for any ideas you have for Hot Dress Hot Mess :)

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