DIY Patch Purse

If you’ve skimmed the pages of Vogue or stepped into Zara recently, you’ve probably noticed the popularity of patches. Designers like Stella McCartney led the trend starting on the runway and now patches are popping up left and right – on jeans, backpacks, jackets, and bags. The best part about patches you ask? It’s seriously the easiest DIY project ever! Plus, with all the adorable patches for sale, you can create a custom piece for little cost. Follow along as I show you how to create a DIY patch purse without breaking a sweat!

Step 1: Get your supplies

DIY Bag with Patches Supplies
DIY Patch purse

Supplies needed:

  1. Iron On Patches – I got mine on Etsy from Wildflower Co.
  2. Bag –  Mine is a second hand clutch by Halogen
  3. Iron + Ironing board
  4. Not pictured – old t-shirt
  5. Not pictured – Super glue/Glue gun

Step 2:  Arrange the patches how you want them to appear on the bag

DIY Purse with patches

Step 3: Prep the SurfaceDIY Bag with Patches Iron on

Prep the surface without the patch on it by warming the leather with the iron. Place the old t-shirt in between the iron and the leather.  The leather will get hot but that’s what you want! Note – I did not try this on a faux leather bag – it may be better to glue them on.

Step 4: Place the patch on the hot surface and iron with t-shirt in between the patch and iron.

DIY Purse with patches

DIY Purse with patches

I had to include this one of my roommate’s dog getting in on the action – haha!

Step 5: Rejoice for success and repeat with other patches!

DIY Bag with Patches 12 Straight DIY Bag with Patches Close UP

I do suggest adding hot glue or super glue to the edges of the patch. If you don’t want to iron, then just go for the glue!

Step 6: Rock your DIY patch purse!

DIY Purse with Patches

I hate when DIY projects don’t work or are disappointing. I swear you can’t mess this one up! If all else fails, just glue the patches on and it will take 10 minutes at most.

DIY patch purse

DIY purse with patches

DIY patch purse

I hope everyone enjoys the patch trend and now knows how easy it is to create your own customized pieces!

Here are some of my favorite patches!

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