Review: Unique Fashion at a Risk

Dezzal is an online shopping website based out of Shenzhen, China that features over 200 upcoming and established designers’ clothing, accessories, handbags, and jewelry. Dezzal reached out to me and while I’m usually hesitant to order from online stores I’ve never heard of, I loved the clothing. After receiving this maroon leather jacket covered in funky pins, I chose to write a review to let my fellow fashionistas know that the pros of shopping  on Dezzal greatly outweigh the cons, and even the cons have a silver lining.

Update 1/10/17: I hate leaving negative reviews, but after a few months since receiving these clothes I had a negative experience that makes me question the legitimacy of Please enjoy these incredible photos and take inspiration from this outfit, but do not purchase this jacket. I explain why below. Review
All photos by Michelle Dorman Photography

Pro: Unique, trendy clothing


The range of unique and trendy clothing is the main reason I really like Dezzal. The wide range of styles within a single category go from simple to edgy to office appropriate. The styles are on trend but have characteristics unique to the designer that makes the items different from current box store trends.

Several months later, I still do admire Dezzal for their range of unique styles. However, I encourage you to recreate these looks using products from reliable retailers.


Con: There is no quality control

Dezzal Review

This is what that gorgeous jacket looks like now after wearing it out once! The faux leather peeled right off like a cheap arm chair.  This jacket retails for $86 and is absolute garbage. I am really disappointed because the jacket is stylish, but this quality is unacceptable. Do not purchase this jacket and please use caution when purchasing anything else from

Con: Shipping Time 


I was really pleased by the amount of time it took to receive my order however, I was also treated as a preferred customer since I am a blogger. I’ve read other stories claiming that shipping can take 2-3 weeks.  Shipping is a gamble when shopping from Dezzal so each shopper should decide if that’s a risk they’re willing to take.

Con: Sizing


A con of are the sizes. The majority of the sizes run very small. This could be seen as a pro since I’m rather petite and often find a lot of clothing is too big for me. However, women of average height and weight will most likely have to order sizes much larger than American standards.

dezzal-com-review-15 Review Review

Since writing this blog post in October, I seriously caution shoppers to use Their quality is unreliable and based on my experience, their products are extremely overpriced. They feature unique fashion and accessories, but the quality and shipping is unreliable. I will not purchase from again and I hope you spend your hard earned dollars somewhere else.


Here’s the entire look!


Like I mentioned, do not purchase this jacket from It is overpriced and the quality is unacceptable. Let the jacket’s design inspire you and create your own version of this look with products from trusted, reputable retailers, like the one’s in the slider below :)

Do you agree with my review? What was your experience like? Comment Below!

For my Review, I was  provided this jacket but not incentivized to write this post. All opinions are my own.

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22 thoughts on “ Review: Unique Fashion at a Risk

  1. I’ve never heard of them but will definitely be checking them out! You hear so many horror stories of people ordering online but I’m really glad to hear you had an amazing experience!

  2. do not shop Dezzal, for those of us that don’t get free merchandise or expedited shipping this site is awful. I ordered a purse and although not happy with their delivery dates I purchased anyway. Going on three weeks with no delivery I contacted them to be told item was out of stock. OUT OF STOCK but they took my money. I am now waiting on a refund. Stick to your trusted stores, Amazon, Nordstrom etc.

    1. Hi Jan,
      I’m so sorry you had a negative experience with Dezzal. Unfortunately, I did too which is why I updated my blog post to caution readers about shopping there. I hope you get a refund soon :) – Bailey

  3. I’d have to size up 3 or 4 sizes and there’s no way to search by US size or any other size type. No thanks, especially after seeing your photos. Thanks for the info.

  4. Wish I had reasearched before ordering!:( Tbe pics are so deceiving! Just ordered today and keep hoping my order is the exception….yeah, I’m sure:/

  5. I bought a dress from Dezzal, I simply want to return it as it doesn’t fit. Have been trying 5 days now, always answer machine, no one has replied to my calls, there live chat doesn’t work, they have no email address. It says you have to ring & they will then give you full details on returning an item. I am worried they are not a real company….,,

    1. I’m so sorry Diane!! I totally feel your pain. Since the transactions are through PayPal you can try and file a complaint/fraudulent activity through PayPal. Hope it works out for you!!

  6. I feel like this place, ModLily, and a couple others have to be run by the same scam company. I ordered something from Modlily and the entire thing was a nightmare. Of course every review I found online after I ordered, was horrible. There was all this nonsense about the shipping company and they kept trying to blame it on customs. All the reviews said this happened. I did a little digging and I’m almost positive the freaking shipping company is theirs. I finally demanded my money back after 7 weeks, they said they credited my account. I said I didn’t want credit because I was never going to purchase from them. They said they’d issue a refund and asked me to please return the package once I got it. 8 weeks after I placed my order, I get the damn thing and no refund of course so I kept it. What really irritates me is they get to advertise on Facebook.

    1. Wendi, I’m so sorry that is the worst. Facebook should really monitor who can advertise especially if the business is unreliable. Unfortunately we had to learn the hard way :( but hopefully we can help spread the word so others don’t make the same mistake. -Bailey

  7. I can only say it was the worst experience I ever made. Bad quality and size is just always different, I ordered all the same size the one was too big and the other too small. I ordered 4 dresses got only two with no bill, no letter, nothing to identify it and as I wanted to return they don’t accept my parcel. As I made the payment over paypal I thought I am save but thats not true because they don’t accept the return (I tried three times with all the costs) so paypal says it is my foult and I get nothing of my money back. I can only warn everybody these company is stealing your money and I also blame paypal they don’t even try to understand were is the problem.

    1. Petra, that is such a terrible story! I’m really so sorry that happened to you. Thanks for sharing your experience and warning others not to shop there. I hope your next shopping experience somewhere else is more pleasant :) -Bailey

  8. Thank you Bailey soooo much!!!

    I have been deliberating on the purchase of a gorgeous black net dress with embroidered flowers on it which I have fallen in love with.

    As I had never heard of Dezzal I was in two minds about purchasing.

    Thanks again for the warning.

    1. Hi Khushi! I’m so glad you found this post helpful. It’s definitely not worth spending your money with Dezzal. I hope you find another embroidered dress :) -Bailey

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