Coach Saddle Bag 23: Should you buy it?

Coach has come a long way from their pastel, logo blasted satchels. Let’s just say I had moments of doubt, but now I’m a fan. Coach caught my attention with celebrity endorsers like Selena Gomez and solidified my approval with their simplified, chic rebranding. During their 75th Anniversary,  Coach revived one of their most popular pieces the No. 9170 Classic Pouch bag into the Coach Saddle Bag 23.

Coach Saddle Bag 23
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The Coach Saddle Bag 23 has the same timeless design as the No. 9170 Classic Pouch bag but is updated in a range of colors with a bold contrasted interior. I love the selection of colors this bag comes in because you’re not forced to choose from black, brown, and one “fun” color. The Coach Saddle Bag 23 comes in burgundy (shown on me), purple, blue, multiple shades of brown, gray, and black.

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The bag is made of glove tanned leather that is rich, luxurious and feels like butter. It is so soft! The high quality, smooth leather makes a statement without the need for studs, jewels, patches or pins.

Coach Saddle Bag 23

The Coach Saddle Bag 23 falls in between the price of a high end designer handbag and your average “bridge” designer at $440. Each person views this price a little different as either inexpensive, reasonable or expensive. For my budget, I consider this an expensive bag. In the grand scheme of designer handbags, this price is reasonable.

So the question is…should you buy it?

Yes: Extremely high quality

Coach Saddle Bag 23

This bag is crafted with the ultimate quality leather and design. For the bag’s price, you are getting a finely crafted purse. Plus, the lack of buckles, studs, or jewels guarantees you won’t have to replace anything that might fall off the bag.

Yes: Classic and Timeless

Coach Saddle Bag 23

There is no doubt, you will get a lot of use from this bag. The timeless design and elegant leather will allow this bag to be in your wardrobe and on your shoulder for years! If want to invest in a luxury bag that will stay in style forever, this one is a fabulous choice!

Yes: Lots of compartments and pockets

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Coach Saddle Bag 23
9″ (L) x 7 3/4″ (H) x 3 1/4″ (W)

love how many compartments and pockets this bag has! I stuff my bag with as much as it can hold so I always look for pockets and separators.  The size of the bag can easily fit my wallet, sunglasses, keys and phone.

Maybe: Price

Coach Saddle Bag 23 Review

Like I mentioned earlier, the price of this bag is probably the ultimate factor whether or not to make the final purchase.  Whatever your finances are, this bag is both a great splurge or steal based on the timeless style and quality.

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What do you think of the Coach Saddle Bag 23? Would you buy it? Comment Below!

The Coach Sadde Bag 23 was provided to me from Coach. All opinions are my own. The leather skirt is from Consign Couture – my favorite consignment store!

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