8 Pieces I Can’t Live Without: Summer Edition!

Last August, I wrote about 8 of my wardrobe essentials that I cannot live without. And while the phrase “can’t live without” might sound dramatic, I’m pretty convinced it’s realistic. Since we are coming up on summer time, I am sharing the 8 summer essentials I cannot survive June through August without!

1. Pastel Leather Jacket

You know how much I love a black leather jacket. In summer, I trade out my black leather jacket for a cropped pastel alternative. It’s perfect for a shady lunch or a cool night out in Seattle.


2. Cute Bathing Suit Cover Up

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You know you’ll be in and out of your bathing suit all summer…so it’s essential to have a cover up as cute as your swim suit! Add your doughnut floatie and you’re all set :)


3. Baseball Hat

Seattle fashion blogger Hot Dress Hot Mess

As someone who sunburns easily, I always have a baseball hat ready to protect my face. I love that baseball hats have been transformed into a fashion staple. Yay for no more Von Dutch trucker hats!


4. Comfortable and Stylish Shorts

I’ve never been a fan of the tight, super short denim shorts. I’m usually drawn to mid length shorts that are fairly loose and won’t stick to my thighs on a hot day…you know what I’m talking about. These elastic waist, lace shorts I got 2 years ago are so comfy and continue to receive compliments every time I wear them.


5. Rompers

Seattle fashion blogger Hot Dress Hot Mess

I am obsessed with rompers! Maybe it’s because I prefer shorts over skirts or dresses. I love rompers because if there’s an impromptu bike ride or gust of wind, I am completely protected! Plus, you can totally rock one at a summer wedding.


6. Chunky heeled sandals

Light blue suede sandal with chunk heel
Photo by Michelle Dorman Photography

I love a comfortable heeled sandal for spring. With so many parties, weddings, and evening happy hours, I also appreciate having a cute sandal to elevate my look without hurting my feet.


7. Cheap Sunglasses

Seattle fashion blogger Hot Dress Hot Mess

Yes, that is correct…cheap. In the summer, I’m paddle boarding, swimming, boating, playing tennis, hiking…wow I’m getting excited now. Get some cheap sunglasses that you don’t mind getting tossed off the boat or falling in a pool. Remember to make sure they are 100% UV protected!

8. Self Tanner

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I am so pale! And while I’ve learned to embrace it 9 months out of the year, I’m ready for a golden glow come summer. I love self tanner because I can protect my skin from the sun and still look tan!

What summer essential can you not live without? Comment Below :)

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